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Investment Strategies 

from a seasoned portfolio manager

Offering Custom and Dynamic Investment Strategies Designed to Remove Emotion From Investing

At J2, we take a tailored approach to designing your portfolio. We believe that the best investment strategies are those that clients can stick to regardless of the market environment. Our portfolio manager incorporates proprietary systems to monitor and address changing markets. 

By dynamically adjusting your investment portfolio as risk and uncertainty increases, we’re here to help put your mind and ease and stay the course. All in an effort to help you stay comfortably invested no matter the market environment. 

John Benedict has been a professional money manager for over 12 years.  Many of our strategies are used by other advisors with their clients.  Each strategy has been created and managed by John Benedict with his background in statistics and technical analysis.

Individual Stock Strategies

Dividend & Income Strategy Troy, MI J2 Capital ManagementDividend & Income Strategy

Growth and Innovation Strategy Troy, MI J2 Capital ManagementGrowth and Innovation Strategy

Environmental Social Governance Strategy Troy, MI J2 Capital ManagementEnvironmental , Social Governance Strategy

ETF based strategies

Low Cost/Low Volatility ETF Strategies Troy, MI J2 Capital ManagementLow Cost/Low Volatility ETF Strategy

Global and International ETF Strategies Troy, MI J2 Capital ManagementGlobal and International ETFs Strategy

U.S. Sector ETF Strategy Troy, MI J2 Capital ManagementU.S. Sector ETF Strategy

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