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Helping You Increase Your
Bottom Line

J2’s third-party investment services for RIA’s

J2 Capital Management is available to serve as a third party money manager to institutional clients, registered investment advisors and product provider platforms.

We understand that if your clients are subject to market risk, so is your income. We chose to work closely with advisors after seeing too many plagued with only getting access to wholesalers. With our strategies, you get access to the portfolio manager making the decisions. In addition to access for you to get questions answered, our portfolio manager also provides direct access to your key client accounts.

Between running a business, assisting clients and having a family we understand that your days are full. That’s why we accommodate your needs and schedule.

We enjoy visiting you in your office, meeting for lunch or coffee or chatting on the phone. Whatever you prefer, we’ll work with you to make it as simple as possible for you and your clients to reach your financial goals.

Risk-Adjusted Relative Strength

We use a proprietary process known as Risk-Adjusted Relative Strength. We apply this process across our ETF and individual stock models attempting to identify the next leaders with the least amount of risk. We believe a quantitative rules based approach in helping us take the emotion out of investing and apply a very similar set of rules across our models.  

Market Signal

Determine Market Direction


Risk-Adjusted Relative Strength

Ongoing Risk Management

Absolute and Relative Momentum

Hypothetical Stock Price Fluctuation Troy, MI J2 Capital Management

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