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Why I Became A Financial Advisor

By John Salomon, CPA, CFP®

There’s no better way to choose a career than by gaining firsthand experience that opens your eyes to how many people need the help you can offer. That’s my story at least. 

I started out in the finance industry as a CPA and spent two decades helping my clients navigate the complicated world of tax planning and IRS compliance. While doing this, I began to understand the importance of having all areas of your financial life aligned and working together to achieve your overall goals. Financial planning was the natural next step for me to expand the valuable services I was already providing and make an even greater impact on my clients’ lives. 

Building My Career

After attending Michigan State University and graduating with a BA in accounting, I began my professional career with a mid-size CPA firm learning my new trade while completing the requisite 2 years industry experience to become certified.   I ventured out with 2 partners in 1988 to open our own CPA firm.  I spent the first 8 years building my client base with small businesses and individuals that needed tax planning and preparation.  In the mid 90’s, I expanded my services to include financial planning and insurance and eventually branching out to offer portfolio management services, and also added CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification along the way.

Branching Out

In 2010 I merged my practice with my colleague John Benedict to co-create J2 Capital Management. As CFO, I get to use the technical abilities that I gained as a CPA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and small business owner to better serve the clients who place their trust in our firm. 

In my day-to-day work, I focus on advanced planning and tax strategies that allow my clients to make informed financial decisions which make their ideal future a reality. I know that each client is facing their own financial challenges and has unique goals they want to achieve. We offer all of our financial, tax, and investment planning services in-house so that we have an intimate and comprehensive understanding of all your financial needs and can coordinate all the moving pieces of your financial life. 

The Best Part

There are countless reasons why I love what I get to do, namely having a work–life balance that allows me to experience what we encourage our clients to do: focus on what they love most. In my case, that’s my wife, Michele, and our three kids. And it goes without saying that the best part of my job is building relationships with my clients. I firmly believe you need to trust the person and team managing your finances. I work to build that trust with each client by getting to know them, developing an understanding of the big picture of their life, learning about the milestones they want to achieve, and working with them to build a financial road map to get there. There is no better feeling than helping a client live out the retirement of their dreams.

Take The Next Step

From taxes and investments to future goals and retirement, finances can be stressful and overwhelming. Working with a professional you trust can lighten that load. We would love to get to know you and begin proactively working toward your ideal future. Schedule a meeting online, reach out to us at info@j2cmonline.com, or call 248-641-4444. 

About John Salomon

John Salomon is CFO at J2 Capital Management, a boutique financial advisory firm specializing in in-house custom financial planning, tax, estate, and investment management. John spent more than 20 years as a practicing CPA before earning the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation and making a career pivot so he could offer more value to his clients. John specializes in providing advanced planning and tax strategies and helps clients manage risk so they can have confidence in their future. John is known for his commitment to building long-term relationships with his clients and loves getting to know them at a deeper level so he can provide personalized service that will make the most impact on their lives. John has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Michigan State University. 

When he’s not working, you can often find John on the golf course or spending time with his wife, Michele, and their three children, Emily, Nicholas, and Aidan. To learn more about John, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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