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Tax Prep with John Salomon CPA

Tax Preparation Notice

Tax Season

  • Tax season is approaching quickly, so we've put together a tax preparation checklist for our clients in order to get the document collecting process started.
  • If we have not done your taxes in the past, but you are interested in our tax services or other financial planning service please feel free to contact me to discuss your situation. You can reach me at 248-641-4444.


  • Your 2019 tax documents should have arrived. Please save these and bring them in.
  • Here's a checklist of documents that should be collected before setting up an appointment. Click below.

Tax Prep Checklist

General Questions

  • Along with a checklist we've provided a general question form that can be filled out prior to scheduling a meeting.
  • These general questions will provide a guideline for information that could affect your taxes.

IRS Questionnaire 


  • If we did your taxes in 2018, We can email you a personalized checklist.
  • Feel free to send me an email to request your personalized checklist. In the subject line type "My Personalized Checklist" 

Email me:  johns@j2cmonline.com

Once you have filled out these general questions and compiled all of the checklist items you can call Lisa @ 248-641-4444 or just click below to schedule an appointment or call our office and Lisa will help set up a tax meeting.

Schedule Your Tax Appointment

Schedule a Meeting/Call